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Happy New Year!

I recently read many companies, large or small, reflect on the closing year in much the same tone. Often, the message is some iteration of “We have come a long way, yet we have much work still to do…” So, for the sake of being unique, while we have come a long way, 2016 was in many respects a return to our roots. See, it is no secret that Mastermind was born of a love for the retail industry, the mom and pop shop, and literally on the foundation of family owned supermarkets. As such, after over a decade of our portfolio holding only one Perez run supermarket, our second supermarket reached its successful 1-year anniversary with far better patronage in the last quarter than in the months prior. In addition, with a renewed commitment to our long-standing motto, “Building for the Future,” Mastermind spent much of the year planning, coordinating, and quite frankly masterminding what our beloved Bronx borough should focus on by the close of the decade. With value based projections in mind, the kind which the city’s residents deserve and have always been a part of our community conscious efforts, Mastermind’s year sought to further invest in Housing, Education, Health, and proper nutrition based retail establishments. To that end below are a few proud accomplishments we’d like to highlight. 766 Westchester, The Bronx | Secured primary tenant – Charter school 50% complete – anticipated enrollment commencing fall 2017. Tremont Renaissance, The Bronx | Broke ground early in the year and already 1/3 complete – offering 250+ affordable housing apartments by early 2019. Westchester Point, The Bronx... read more


Mastermind has always identified as a trendsetter, an innovator of sorts.  As a company, we are most comfortable going against the grain.  See, when you follow a trend, you find yourself rushing to catch up.  However, when you lead the way, though many may think you’re destined to fail in unchartered territory, you become bound to your true beliefs and motivations. In this philosophy, Mastermind was born, from the basement of a CTown Supermarket, in the Belmont section of The Bronx, over 30years ago.  With few faithful to the vision, many found comedic relief in the initial investments made.  Nevertheless, because of the commitment and faith held in the neighborhoods we call home, and the motivation to invest to uplift, Mastermind’s commitment has never... read more

Fall is Back

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2016, we are reminded of a few things. Days will be getting shorter, our clocks will fall back an hour, and the leaves will begin to take on bright hues before ultimately completing their life cycle. Nevertheless, we have much to look forward to. This time of year often brings friends and relatives together, either by way of the many holidays, or a rush to actually finalize some previous new year’s resolutions. We at Mastermind particularly look forward to spending time with our immediate neighbors at Boo at the Zoo (Bronx Zoo) and the Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show. Hopefully we’ll see you... read more

Marketing like Pokémon!

Pokémon Go is the epitome of intelligent marketing.  The most successful marketing campaigns, or trends, follow a few simple criteria.  Capture your target audience.  Traditionally this is usually those who are most impressionable, with the most buying power or influence, and typically classified as adolescents or young adults.  Done successfully, your target audience will be product ambassadors.  Timing is crucial.  Any marketing campaign must understand the key demographic well enough to know when the time is right.  Too soon, and no one is listening.  Too late, and everyone has moved on. Lastly, know when and how to evolve.  Longevity and trend may very well be mutually exclusive, however, trends also flow in cycles.  Still, with each cycle, key elements are often altered to recapture an audience.  It is because of these cycles, and fueled by nostalgia, that Pokémon Go may have an unusually wide age demographic.  Having evolved from its lower tech origins, smart phones easily entranced, not only young gamers, but their parents alike.  Note, Pokémon’s slogan is simply brilliant.  While loyal gamers are absorbed by this very notion, the truth is in the marketing team’s reality, of catching all of us.  Check and... read more


Now in July, we are certainly entering the “Dog Days of Summer.  With schools letting out just at the end of June, here in NYC, there’s an air of enthusiasm, not only for the real estate market, but for the city as a whole.  The joy of children playfully engaging, running around, seeking out Pokémon, all reminds us of the innocence of youth.  Unfortunately, these stories are currently juxtaposed with civil unrest around the country and world.  We mustn’t lose hope, nor forget the positive around us.  We join in solidarity for peace and love.... read more

The World at Your Fingertips

If you are reading this, chances are more likely that it’s being viewed on a smart device, i.e. tablet or smart phone, than on a traditional computer screen.  When the World Wide Web first entered consumer culture, it was literally tied down, made immobile by power cables, network cables, modems, routers peripheral devices etc.  Getting online was painfully slow and dependent on a hardwired land-line.  Yet from the moment most were “connected,” it was evident that this would change everything. Today, we are untethered, unbound, mobile, and lighting fast when it comes to the World Wide Web.  Boundaries are almost so nonexistent, the term itself has but completely disappeared from our vocabulary.  Fitting, as the www is barely even required for your browser anymore.   In less than a decade, software, apps, websites; same as phones, cameras, and computers, all became part of one truly power tool.  Today, the world is truly at your fingertips.  We each have the power to do great things with... read more